Canada, the country with the longest coastline, has eight maritime museums. Sweden, which has the most islands, has three maritime museums. The maritime museum explores the relationship between humans, civilization, and the surrounding sea. The objects are varied, ranging from traditional arks, shipyard equipment, to modern warships. Here is a list of maritime museums that you can visit:

Maritime Museum of Ushuaia

Maritime Museum of Ushuaia

Initially feared, the Presidio de Ushuaia turned into an attraction. In 1985, this old prison was converted into a maritime museum. Here are recorded stories about the great expedition in South America, the drama of the gold hunt, to the harsh life of the Patagonia region. museomaritimo.com

New Zealand Maritime Museum, Auckland

This museum summarizes New Zealand’s maritime history, from the arrival of Polynesian sailors of the birth of modern naval technology. The collections include Maori boats, whale hunting equipment, nautical-themed crafts, and lighthouse documentation. The New Zealand Maritime Museum opened in 1993, when America’s Cup was held in Auckland. maritimemuseum.co.nz

Hong Kong Maritime Museum

The location is on the pier, between the Ferris wheel and the Four Seasons Hong Kong hotel. In 15 galleries, the museum houses nearly 1,000 objects that tell of civilizations around the South China Sea, including stories of pirates and Hong Kong’s journey as a city. hkmaritimemuseum.org

National Maritime Museum, Amsterdam

In a building with an titim of 1656, this museum exposed the history of the Netherlands as a mighty maritime empire in the past. Parked beside the museum is a replica of “Amsterdam,” a VOC sailing ship that once docked in Batavia, then was destroyed by a storm in 1749. hetscheepvaartmuseum.com

Odisha State Maritime Museum, Cuttack

Last year, news broke that India would set up its first maritime museum. In fact, this kind of museum has been around since 2013 in Cuttack, 400 kilometers from Kolkata. The Odisha State Maritime Museum occupies a former British colonial boat repair shop. One unique fact: this maritime museum is not by the sea, but by a river. odishastatemaritimemuseum.org

The North Carolina Maritime Museum

The United States has more than 200 maritime-themed museums. Specifically, in North Caroline, this type of museum is spread over three locations: Beaufort, Southport, and Hatteras. The collection is sourced from around 100 countries. There are shipwrecks, various boats, fishing equipment, to shipyard equipment. ncmaritimemuseums.com

National Maritime Museum of China, Tianjin

In a futuristic building, the museum chronicles the past: the great voyages and benevolent missions of the Chinese empire. The museum opened in 2019. Its design resulted from a competition won by the firm COX Architecture. Meanwhile, its location is in Tianjin, a port city that likes to hoist superlative structures.

Vancouver Maritime Museum

Various ships—from artifacts to replicas—are displayed in this museum. The main star, of course, RCMP VesselSt. Roch, an exploration ark that was once boarded by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Moving to the courtyard of the museum, there is a research submarine Ben Franklin. vanmaritime.com

National Maritime Museum, Stockholm

The museum houses about 900,000 photos and 50,000 objects. Everything is accommodated in a grand building designed by the architect Ragnar Ostberg. Uniquely, thanks to its magnificent interior and spacious grounds, this museum is often used as a concert venue. Oasis, Lisa Nilsson, and Pearl Jam have performed here. sjohistoriska.se

Western Australia Maritime Museum



Western Australia Maritime Museum, Fremantle

Fremantle, about 20 kilometers from Perth, was the starting point for the British colony in western Australia. Here also stands a maritime museum that chronicles important voyages to and from Australia. One of his proud collections is the sailing ship Australia II, which won the 1983 America’s Cup. visit.museum.wa.gov.au

German Maritime Museum,

German Maritime Museum, Bremerhaven

Germany is famous as a shipyard center. Many gigantic arks, especially cruise ships, were produced here. Naturally, this country has maritime museums, one of which is the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven. The showroom contains the nuclear power ship Otto Hahn, the submarine Wilhelm Bauer, and the wreck of the 1380-built Hansekogge. dsm.museum

Yamato Museum

Yamato Museum, Hiroshima

During World War II, the Japanese Navy was among the most respected in the world—and Kure was instrumental in the birth of that prestige. In this city, there is a shipyard that produces warships. One of his masterpieces is the battleship Yamato. The miniatures, along with hundreds of other maritime-themed objects, are housed in the Yamato Museum. yamato-museum.com

Maritime Museum of Denmark

Maritime Museum of Denmark, Helsingor

The design is unique: the hull of the ship is planted in the ground, in an area that used to be a shipyard center. This building complex designed by the firm Bjarke Ingels Group was inaugurated in 2013 as the new “home” of the Maritime Museum of Denmark. Previously, this museum was located in Kronborg Castle. mfs.dk

Korea National Maritime Museum

Korea National Maritime Museum, Busan

As well as being known as the “city of movies,” Busan is the busiest sea gateway in Korea. Not surprisingly, this coastal city has the grandest maritime museum in Korea. The Korea National Maritime Museum was inaugurated in 2012. In an ark-like structure to transport planes, the museum collects about 12,000 objects, including a replica of the legendary ship Joseon Tongsins. knmm.or.kr

Estonian Maritime Museum

Estonian Maritime Museum, Tallinn

The collection is distributed in two locations. First, at the 500-year-old Fat Margaret tower in the Old Town area. Second, in the magnificent hangar of Seaplane Harbor, which resides in the harbor area. This second location houses gigantic nautical modes, including the Lembit submarine and the Maasilinn wreck. memuuseum.ee