For those of you who love the One Piece anime, are you sure you want to know what a pirate ship is? Here are the 5 biggest pirate ships in One Piece.

There are several very large pirate ships in the One Piece series so their role in the One Piece anime is very prominent. For those of you who are really curious about the 5 biggest pirate ships in One Piece. Let’s just look at the following discussion article!

  1. Thriller Bark

Biggest One Piece Pirate Ship

As it is known that the Thriller Bark ship owned by Moria is very large, even the size is almost like an island. Luffy and his friends had stopped on this ship to reclaim Brook’s shadow which was taken by Moria.

  1. Noah

Biggest One Piece Pirate Ship

The second is Noah, it can also be called a covenant ship. This ship is located on the fish-man island, this ship has existed since ancient times. This ship is so big that it even has to be moved using sea monsters to be able to move this ship, which is later when Shirahosi is big and already knows what her strength will be used for.

  1. Queen Mama Chanter

Biggest One Piece Pirate Ship

Next, there is a ship from the Big Mom pirates, this ship was first shown when Sanji and his friends were about to run away with Caesar from Doflamingo. This ship is very large, even the Sunny Go, which already looks very large when viewed alone, will look very small when compared to Big Mom’s pirate ship. It’s a very big ship.

  1. Baratie

Biggest One Piece Pirate Ship

Baratie is a restaurant-ship owned by Zeff in One Piece manga or anime. Zeff and Sanji shares one of the saddest story in One Piece. This ship is very large and has another ship inside the Baratie. Baratie’s inside looks exactly like a big restaurant which contain tables, chairs, huge kitchen area, and chef’s barracks.

  1. Moby Dick

Biggest One Piece Pirate Ship

The 5th big ship is the Moby Dick, which is a ship belonging to one of the Yonkou Whitebeard. This ship has a very large size. Once Shanks and Newgate had a meeting and when their ship was close the size of the Moby Dick was almost double the ship owned by Shanks. Those are the 5 biggest pirate ships in One Piece, what do you think if you were a pirate what kind of ship would you like to have?

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